Top Mobile Phones Insurance Companies That Makes Secure Your Smartphones

Top Mobile Phones Insurance Companies That Makes Secure Your Smartphones

Top Mobile Phones Insurance Companies That Makes Secure Your Smartphones

Mobile Phones have become part and parcel of our everyday lives. India is a young country with over 50% of the population below 40 years of age. The mobile sector in India has risen many folds over the past one decade. From banking to online shopping, people use smart phones. Different mobile phone brands are accessible on the market. Consumers now spends more Money On Mobile Phones Than ever. There is a Mobile Phone insurance that includes the loss from such harm to protect you from the loss due to theft or harm.

These devices range from 4k to 80k depending on the characteristics they provide. There is a trend in getting a recent mobile phone in hand. They have altered the face of culture and there are opportunities that your mobile phone will be stolen or damaged in such a scenario.Aside from robbery, these devices are susceptible to hardware or software harm owing to accident, fall, water spillage and any other reason. Looking at all these opportunities, it is wise to purchase a Smartphone insurance to assist safeguard you in the incident of any harm or loss.

In this article, we will list India’s top mobile insurance companies, their advantages and exclusion from the policy.

As it is known, the necessity is the mother of the invention. Protection against such mobile phone loss is needed. Smartphone theft has become very prevalent, in reality there is a whole black market of second-hand mobile phones where you can purchase the phones at half cost. Making it all the more important for mobile phone owners to safeguard their expensive devices.

What Is Mobile Insurance ?

As the name suggests insurance, it implies security against any harm or loss. Mobile insurance covers the risk of theft or harm to expensive mobile phones. Considering the smartphone reliability, mobile insurance is a good idea to save you from the enormous loss.

Mobile insurance benefits.

  • Protect your expensive phone against theft or harm.
  • Get a phone substitute in case of software or hardware harm as per policy.
  • Get repair / replacement quick and simple.
  • If you have a broken phone history, this policy can assist you save your cash.

Mobile Insurance Coverage.

Here are the risks and damages usually covered under the mobile insurance policy. 

  • Damage caused by water spillage.
  • Damage owing to software or hardware malfunction. 
  • Screen Crack.
  • Robbery of phone 
  • Loss due to fire 
  • Defective earphone jack 
  • Faulty battery 
  • Touchscreen display does not work correctly

Top Mobile Phones Insurance Company

All the so-called mobile insurance companies are riding on third-party service suppliers who are actually licensed insurance company with IRDIA. These are Bajaj Allianz, National Insurance Insurance Company, Oriental Insurance Company, New India Insurance Company, etc.

We will represent the mobile insurance company Here :

  • Syska Gadget Secure
  • Onsite Go
  • Times Global Insurance
  • WarrantyAsia

When it comes to selecting the best mobile insurance plan, most individuals are fumbling. Most individuals rely on the shopkeeper from where they purchase the handset. We’re going to discuss the plan for this company, it’s function and advantages in detail.

This company’s premium offer is ‘ gadget safe ‘ in which it promises full safety and protection against accidental harm of any kind ; be it water damage, robbery, loss or fire harm.

Plans: The company lately launched five plans based on the phone cost. Among all the plans, one plan is devoted solely to Samsung mobiles. To give you an idea of the price range, here is a graph:

If the mobile cost ranges from Rs4000 to Rs10000, select Rs599/- year plan. Rs1999/year is the maximum and the last mobile costing plan in the series between Rs25001 – Rs60,000.

If you plan to use their facilities, please refer to the full list of strategies outlined by Syskagadgetsecure. Syska’s list of facilities and policies is extensive to choose from. Pay attention to the exclusions under which you are not eligible for any warranty.

What’s more: they also provide the gadget with an anti-virus solution and free pick-up and drop service if any problems occur.

2. OnsiteGo

As this company’s name indicates, OnsiteGo is one of the best businesses to look for on-site repair or pick-up and drop services. The firm is specialized in extended warranty for home appliances and devices.

The firm has always remained one of India’s most famous extended warranty service suppliers and best mobile insurance companies. It does not specifically cover mobile phones, but also tablets, laptops, digital camera, etc. Even claims of malfunctioning touch screen, port issues, hardware failures and other such faults are entertained by this best mobile insurance company.

According to internet reviews, this is yet another business that falls under the category of the best mobile insurance company in India.

Plans: Most insurance plans fall within an accessible range for gadgets ranging from Rs5000 to Rs100000. Some inexpensive mobile and tablet plans cover broken, cracked, broken screens, ensuring repair or substitution.

What’s more: Onsite has a reputation for telephone inexpensive insurance. So, if you’re searching for the cheapest accessible smartphone insurance schemes, it should be your best choice on site. Onsite has plenty of protective plans accessible at affordable rates.

3. Times Global

The Delhi-based Times Global Insurance Company. It is an underdog in the gadget insurance space world. You can trust this business for India’s finest laptop insurance.

Plans: The plans for phones varying from Rs125 per month between Rs3,000-15,000 to, Rs310 per month for phones ranging from Rs30,000 to 60,000.

Times Global is another firm that offers 1005 cashless insurance in case of accidental damage, water spills or even cracked displays for any reason whatsoever. Unlike other insurance firms, Times Global has no exceptions or terms and conditions, so customers can use their services without much trouble.

What’s more: the company has an organized framework and committed plans for iPhones and a few other smartphones.

4. WarrantyAsia

WarrantyAsia is based in New Delhi ; apart from presenting mobile insurance plans, the firm has ties with several suppliers of electronic gadgets. The company is providing insurance for mobile phones and tablets from Apple; Samsung; Sony; LG; Karbonn; Micromax; HTC; Lava; Xolo; Videocon; Alcatel; Panasonic; Gionee; Oppo; Xiaomi; and any other manufacturers that provide 1-year warranty.

Currently, the plans offered by this company are somewhat complicated in the sense that policies are laid down with several terms and conditions. For example, the company will not provide any assistance if any damage to your screen or touch display occurs in the first 15 days of the device’s purchase. It is therefore essential to go through all the terms and conditions.

Plans: WarrantyAsia insurance plans are also based on the handset cost. WarrantyAsia is particularly famous for getting the finest mobile insurance plans.

The scheme begins with Rs349 for handsets priced between Rs1500 and Rs5000. The most costly plan costs Rs4299–it includes handsets priced between Rs45001 and Rs56000 and more.

The unique factor in the services of WarrantyAsia is that insurance claims are based on the number of days for which you used the handset. If you claim a loss / damage within the first 15 days of purchase, the company will provide:

  • 75% of the repair bill (if the damaged components are repairable)
  • 65% of the handset price (if damaged components are not repairable)
  • 55% of the price of the handset (if mobile is stolen, this case has to be supported by a FIR copy).

What’s more: please find details about the plans on the website of WarrantyAsia. They have additional fees on each scheme, such as service tax on the complete sum, service fees and other various fees.

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In conclusion, we recommend that you first assess your insurance requirements to decide on a business and its insurance plans. If your gadget is costly, you may need to go for an costly insurance plan. But for a comparatively cheaper smartphone or tablet, a starter insurance plan from any of these companies would suffice.

Also, do check the online reviews of the company for the gadget you are signing the insurance with.

Here is a quick recap of which are the best companies for the gadgets:

For best laptop insurance in India, Times Global is the best pick.

Best mobile insurance company in IndiaMobileAssist, WarrantyAsia, SyncNScan provide the best insurance plans.


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