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Top Highest Paying Niche ideas To Increase Your Adsense Earning

Highest paying and profitable Adsense niche ideas

Top Highest Paying Niche ideas To Increase Your Adsense Earning

I do not think that now you need an introduction to Google AdSense , before a few days, I wrote an article to Get Google AdSense Approval by following some simple Steps and Guide, read it. And we continue trying to find several ways to earn with AdSense regularly.

I’m sure by planning well we can increase our online earning through Google AdSense.

Yes, today I’m letting you know more profitable niches for AdSense ads. These niches had more searches in 2019 and related with the daily problems of the human.

We and others have become an internet fan when we need solutions of our problems on the Internet and get benefit from solutions.

But our blogger community only create blogs and bring solutions for different problems.

Do you know that there are some high paying AdSense ads that are visible only on specific niche’s blog?

Here are the most profitable niches and advertiser pay Google more to display their ads on the these niches.

Before you start blogging (if to make money), I advise you to consider some evergreen niche blogs where people can not ignore, get started on the best AdSense niches that display high payment rates in the Google AdSense programs.

Be aware, these profitable niches for AdSense are the most competitive too so you have to put a lot of effort to make your competitors drag you.

Here is a list of 18 most profitable niche ideas to earn more from AdSense.

Top 18 profitable niches for AdSense

1. Download Website

Yes, you just heard right, I mean download sites. There are two types of sites consume and click.

On Consume type sites people just read the information and can click on blind ad.

But when people come on clicking type site, they are ready to click on an item, is not it interesting? And by mistake, visitors click on a lot of ads.

Download sites usually have a high CTR (click through rate) than another site, then come news portal. This proves one of the most profitable niches for AdSense.

Here are some of the best products you can offer to download:

  • Desktop Applications / Software
  • Mobile Apps
  • Wallpaper
  • E-books
  • Music, videos
  • Games
  • Paper question

For example, Filehippo and Softonic .

2. insurance

It’s more expensive and high paying AdSense niche. Besides AdSense, you can generate a huge commission from your blog via affiliate marketing too.

  • The higher payouts are in this category about $ 200 + cost per click, usually they include: Car / Truck Insurance (ie Car Insurance Quotes) and Accident Lawyers (ie, Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer).
  • The competition in this niche is very high and each competitor is willing to pay higher than the other.
  • In the range of $ 100 and especially because the margins are large, the keywords are “donate cars to charity“, credit cardsonline data backupcolleges and prosecutors to criminal prosecution is a good part.

You will enjoy the high CPC of up to $ 30-40 for one click.

And insurance is necessary too. The insurance companies does not mind paying $ 40 when it makes a profit of $ 1000.

If you have a great interest and understanding about insurance, I suggest that you start a blog on auto insurance or life insurance. Both are very much in demand and beneficial for high CPC AdSense.

3. health

Health Adsense Niche

Health Niche ranked third in the list of the most profitable niches for AdSense. And better things you will get targeted traffic from developed countries as people are more aware of their health and fitness. Your CPC can be up to $ 20.

Blogs on this niche are being demanding after visit by so many people and this could be the reason why Google display high paying ads on this website.

Well-being niches are mainly demanding in USA, Canada and Europe nations, there is the possibility of getting traffic from Western countries that make it high paying niches.


Who does not want to be fit and happy? I make sure everyone wants. This is a reason we are trying to find even more solutions and even we are preparing to pay more money to the doctors and the psychiatrist.

The opinion are too expensive. This is the reason why more people come to the internet for free tips to get in shape.

The AdSense ads shown on the health niche blog have the highest bid compared to others. This is one of the most requested and profitable niches for blogs.

Do you know a person in this world who does not have the desire to be happy? No. Everyone wants to be happy, enjoy and adapt, each person have a desire to look and feel better than the best.

Note : I suggest starting blogging in the health niche when you make sure you have correct knowledge because giving poor health tips just to make money can divert your readers to other blogs.

If you do not have complete knowledge, you can hire writers who are expert in giving health advice.

Here are the AdSense albums under niches related to health:

  • Health beauty
  • Bath & Body
  • Beauty products
  • Healthy foods
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Self Help
  • Vision Care
  • Wellness
  • Fitness
  • Exercise
  • Yoga
  • Lifestyle

4. make money online

People from all over the world are trying to make money online because no one wants to go out of their homes.

These days that the internet have more and more queries and research to make money online has increased. People are looking for ways to make money on the internet.

The majority of young people who use the internet, search tips and many ways to make money online.

If you win online through other means, I think you should start a blog on this niche.

In this niche your CTR (click through rate) will be high as people get happier to know ways to make money online.

Not only AdSense, even other advertising networks like BuySellAds and Yahoo Bing Ads Network you get a lot of money and direct advertising options with this keyword.

5. technology

With the release of every technology and software, companies are starting to make heavy promotion for people to know it’s characteristic.

And to do this, companies pay high advertising fees for a platform like Google Adwords and Google has shown ads themselves on the technology blog via the AdSense program.

We all know technology is gaining more power every day. So to familiarize themselves with it people are more engaged in it.

This is not only a profitable niche for AdSense, but it also receives a heavy amount of visitors and the number is growing every day. This is one of the best niche for AdSense approval.

For most people looking for updates and how to guide on technology.

If you want to make a blog about technology, you can choose the niche of the technology guide (how to guide). In this document, you can provide tutorials on computer and laptop, which are highly demanding.

6. Tutorials blogs

Blogging tutorials are demanding after by anyone who owns a blog and want to start blogging. Without visiting these blog, people will get a lot of trouble to create a blog.

Look, you have landed at my blogging tutorials by performing a search of related blogs only queries, I am sure you are a blogger.

The blog on this niche has a targeted audience, that is to say bloggers.

Blogging profession is getting hotter now and most people want to make their career on it as a part time or full time.

In this niche, there are a lot of expensive products (web hosting and other software) and AdSense CPC is also high, but your CTR would not be as high as most people visiting your site are well aware of the unit. AdSense ad, so they do not click on it unless they find it useful.

7. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The term SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is a technique to make your web page search engine friendly so that it is more visited by people.

On the internet, there are millions of websites hosted, but when we try to search something on a search engine, why only the part of the site is delivered on the first page of the result? It’s because of SEO.

All niche blog owners deem it necessary to obtain SEO techniques implemented. Without doing good on page SEO and off page SEO, there is no way to rank high in the search engines.

Again this blogging niche has targeted the traffic ie every website owner will come to these articles (millions of website are present on the internet). So to make their site appear on the first page of Google search results, bloggers come to these sites for advice.

With the increase in traffic high cpc AdSense ads are shown on these niche sites.

8. The Web Development Niche

Every advertiser on Google owns a business, most of them. Every official website blog or companies on the internet has a specific design.

These design services are provided by web development companies, and they charge a hi-fi amount for it. So they are always willing to pay lots of dollars per click for the right kind of keywords in the web design niche.

So before writing articles, you must do a research on the current design, a trend for websites. You can view millions of websites running and therefore write message after selecting an appropriate keyword so that high CPC AdSense Ads will show up on your blog.

9. Information Technology

Computer Science & Information technology is the best AdSense niche for graduates with a professional computer.

If you are the same, then take my suggestion and start a blog on sharing the tricks and tips you have. People will love it. You can write about IT news, guides and everything related to this area.

Everyone knows computer companies are richer in the world, so they pay high advertising fees for advertising for their products.

Here’s a topic, you can start blogging on this niche.

  • IT News
  • General how to guide articles
  • Gossip about this future.
  • Comments on computer products.

10. Forex Trading

Forex Adsense Niche

Foreign exchange trading get hotter niches today. Just because of the Forex internet banking has gained a lot of popularity. It has become the ease of carrying money.

Forex trading niche is getting hotter these days. If you have a good understanding of Forex marketing then starting a blog related to it can become a source of passive income forever.

The CPC for Forex Advertising is higher.

11. Entertainment

Everyone wants to be entertained to release their stress, but if you have an interest in entertaining people by giving appropriate updates to HollywoodBollywood, and other field parties, I suggest you start a blog on it.

You will receive huge traffic from all over the world and most people do not know much about AdSense ads. And here you can create an interesting title that attracts the visitor.

12. beauty tips

If you are a woman, this niche can become a more profitable niche to earn with AdSense. Females are happiest to click on the colored ads. In fact, females are more aware of their brand name of beauty and skin care.

If you are a woman with enough knowledge to improve business. I suggest you start a blog on this and with maximum SEO optimized domain, it can be good AdSense niches for you. Suggestions of charm, cosmetics and other things can be covered in this niche.

13. Latest news

All channel information sites use AdSense on their website. You do not believe me?

Just do some research.

If you are active enough to cover the details of daily events on politics, science, innovation, home entertainment and other fields every time they appear, start another blog, you are losing passive income. Ensure news updates quickly before others. This site receives a lot of traffic. Although the CPC may be weak, but the amount of traffic site makes the great revenue.

14. cryptography

If you are fed up or can not finish with over niche bloggers as they highly get more authority per day.

The majority of beginners start with Tech niche, they think it’s simple. But they are more stuffed and makes it more difficult to take a safe place.

I keep this update of this post and this time I came up with a more profitable niche for AdSense – cryptography .

If you’re not cranky, I suggest you start with that, you’ll end up making $$$.

While experimenting on Google’s keyword maps, cryptography niche has a high volume of searches per month on Google. Their bid amount is too high, so it can be a good AdSense niche for you.

15. Troubleshooting computer errors

If you are very familiar with computers and laptops and knows how to solve common problems. You can start a blog and provide how to guide to solve the problem. And advertisers pay good amount to display advertisements on these niche blog. This is among the high paying AdSense niche albums.

You can accumulate dollars well on a single click (CPC).

16. Apps Listing (Android, iOS and Windows)

In todays era apps mean a lot even, you can say apps are almost everything. Application development companies are doing a lot of publicity to let people install their app. If you are just creating a blog I would say writing the top 5, 10, 15 and 25 apps of any category.

It can be the best AdSense niche for you.

17. Flights

Yes, you read it’s right. It’s not the new idea, but I see that people are not using it well. Just think about the price of a plane ticket, its expensive and airline business invest a huge amount for the promotion of their business. And I do not know that one click would earn you high CPC.

If you do not have a travel blog, I suggest using the keywords associated with the airline business. That’s up to the highest paying AdSense niches and so top 10 niches for AdSense.

18. Agriculture

Do you have any blogger who blog about agriculture? No.

Most blogging blog about technology, news, SEO, make money online and so much more and think that these are just the profitable AdSense niches.
We think that goes to research on agriculture on the Internet, but in real life, there is nothing like that. Looking for people their need on the Internet, it could be anything.

I did a little research and found that this niche has over 1 M search engine research, and most research comes from Western countries with CPC $ 0.20 – $ 30.

This niche is appropriate for the person who graduated with Agriculture. These may be your AdSense niche sites.

You can write about technology that improves production and reduce damage. You can also provide a newer scheme for farmers, published by governments.

Importance of the keywords

Of course, AdSense ads are contextual ads and advertisers bid on certain keywords via Adwords, ie when the keywords suggested by advertisers are used on any article, their ads are displayed.

People who earn more with AdSense are practically using very high CPC keywords.

You can use the Google Adwords keyword planner or Long tail Pro to find the most profitable AdSense keywords.

Have I missed a profitable niche for AdSense?

I’ve studied a lot of things for creating these AdSense Ideas and listing more profitable niches for AdSense but if you know the one extra niche I did not include, use below the comment box to suggest.

If you found this information helpful, be sure to share this article on social media sites.



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