100+ Trending and famous niche ideas that you can really use to make money!

100+ Trending and famous niche ideas that you can really use to make money!

100+ Trending and famous niche ideas that you can really use to make money!

Hi! Surely you are thinking of building a (new) business and you have no idea which niche you should pick ?! Here I show you my best 100+ Trending and famous niche ideas, with which you can actually earn money!

(Actually, there are a few more, but anyway! Enjoy reading!)

Anyone who wants to start a business is initially faced with the sheer endless choice of different niches, which inevitably means having to decide on at least one before it can finally start.

To make your selection a little easier I have listed the top 100+ Trending and famous niche ideas that you can actually use to earn money, which you can basically take over if you want to.

100+ top Tranding And Famous niche ideas, ready to harvest for you!

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  1. Recipes For Fitness Lovers.
  2. Digital Photography
  3. Cloths And Accessories For Bad Girls.
  4. Blog About Aboup Recipes – How to make the best soup in the world.
  5. Veg Nutrition for Newcomers – Food Blog.
  6. Blog For Make Famous Instagramer Yourself.
  7. Drones Guide Blog
  8. A review blog about the common fitness gadgets
  9. As you can become a wine expert
  10. How to travel the world on a budget
  11. How to become the coolest dad in the world; (It’s best to do it right now)
  12. Guide blog, how to increase the testosterone level
  13. Test and rate the latest gadgets and accessories for young parents
  14. A music blog about the best playlists and party hits
  15. Eco Houseware Guide Blog
  16. A reviews page where you test and review mobile apps
  17. Men Lifestyle Blog
  18. Secret tricks to become a successful student
  19. Guidebook Blog to get out of debt
  20. A blog for young mothers or pregnant women
  21. Gaming Blog with Let’s Play videos and news about the latest games
  22. Create a dog blog (Doug the Pug generates over $ 1 million a year in revenue)
  23. Guide blog for young / budding artists
  24. Travel blog where you travel and review the coolest places in the world
  25. Create an iPhone or Android app completely from scratch
  26. How to get the perfect night’s sleep
  27. How to learn a completely new language in 3 months
  28. Health and fitness tips for busy people
  29. A blog about crazy tech gadgets that otherwise no “normal person” knows
  30. How to become a better copywriter / ghostwriter etc.
  31. How to get a perfect picture
  32. Guide Blog for women, how to get the perfect dream man
  33. Feminism and clothing
  34. A blog where you make fun of politics – a kind of “humor blog”
  35. A blog about the “good old days” for older students
  36. Guidebook on the different religions
  37. How to become a Network Marketing Guru
  38. Support a blog of bullying and cybermobbing victims and give advice
  39. Entrepreneur skills for teenagers
  40. How to build an organic garden from scratch
  41. Learn guitar for beginners
  42. How to Learn an X-Any Instrument in [Period]
  43. Guidebook Blog as you gain more charisma
  44. How do you finally get rid of social media (Shit, why do I do it? No such a blog !?)
  45. Coffee alternatives blog
  46. Rate fashion trends and new releases
  47. How to upgrade normal cars to last longer and consume less fuel
  48. Skydiving and Bungee Jumping Guide.
  49. How to find your passion and earn money with it
  50. How to lay down a fulfilling career where you feel like you never have to work again
  51. As you become a ghost hunter (for beginners).
  52. Write about the best places in the world for a party.
  53. Beer Guide Blog (The Best Beers, etc.)
  54. How you can earn money as a food or restaurant tester
  55. Guide to laws and what rights you have to the police
  56. Various tattoo designs (and possibly via affiliate marketing to redirect the visitors to local tattoo studios
  57. Festival Guide with ticket promotions and the best acts
  58. Guide for women who do not want to have children
  59. Donald Trump fan page
  60. Blog about different wild herbs
  61. How to make your own beer (Ratgeber Blog)
  62. Vegan Diet (grad grad crazy viral this topic)
  63. Healthy desserts
  64. How to upgrade your house or apartment and then rent more expensive
  65. Write about different fitness events (Expo, Tough Mudder Contest etc.)
  66. Ratgeber Blog about Beards (The overshit in 2018!)
  67. All sorts of facts about funny and extraordinary things
  68. Blogging about your favorite sport or club in football, for example.
  69. Become a Life Coach
  70. How to become a professional poker player
  71. Horoscope and astronomy blog
  72. The latest sunglasses styles and trends
  73. Rate Netflix series and movies
  74. Guide blog as you build a boat yourself
  75. How to grow the perfect garden
  76. Golf Tips & Tricks
  77. Self-defense for women
  78. Rate nutritional supplements and protein powder
  79. How to become a digital nomad
  80. Blog about lucid dreaming and how to eliminate sleep problems
  81. How to Become a Millionaire Before Your 30th Birthday (Ideally, You Should Lead Your Own Example to Underline Your Credibility)
  82. How you become more popular in school / university
  83. Reviews about luxury cars
  84. Juice fasting and detox cures
  85. Blogging Tips About Pinterest Marketing
  86. Equestrian Tips & Tricks
  87. How to overcome fear and self-doubt
  88. How to succeed on dating apps
  89. Review page / blog about hardware for creating videos (cameras, computers, microphones etc.)
  90. Guide blog how to build a “Tiny House”
  91. Pets Accessories Guide
  92. Blog about Airsoft pistols
  93. Guides how to decorate your walls nicely
  94. Smart Home Guide (How to automate various things at home)
  95. Climber blog
  96. An inventor blog where you give tips and inform about the latest news
  97. 3-D Printer – How to use it to do the most unusual things
  98. How to run a marathon in 6 months
  99. Do it yourself blog (guide with tips & tricks to solve various problems at home on a budget)
  100. Smartphone Guide (News, Info & Tricks for the latest models etc.)
  101. Archery
  102. Buying guide for smartphone accessories.
  103. Photography lenses comparison page
  104. Cats guide for beginners
  105. Memes On Trending Topics
  106. Part Time Income Source For Students.
  107. Disease in Pets.

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Mistakes that beginners should definitely avoid

Maybe you have not found a suitable niche for you in the above list and therefore you are still searching or researching.

Below, I’d like to give you pretty much the key points you should consider as a beginner, if you’re building a niche site or blog that you want to monetize through affiliate revenue or your own products.

First and foremost, I’m referring to the Amazon Affiliate, which is the best way for most newbies to monetize your blog.

  •  You can market too expensive products!

Since Amazon’s cookie life is only 24 hours, it’s important to choose the right price range for the products, otherwise people might take more than 24 hours to think and then you probably will not get any more coal because of the cookie has expired.

The optimal price range is approximately between 50 and 250 $, as these are amounts where Amazon’s trust is sufficient, that most simply click on “Buy Now” and the thing is scratched.

  • You advertise technical products!

    Presumably, you will now object, why I have up there at all then technical products in the 100+ Trending & famous Niches here.

    Well, it is of course possible to build a profitable business in this area, but you should always keep in mind that you always have to refill in this area.

    As technology advances, products are getting better and better pretty quickly, and the content you’re producing or the products you’re trying to promote will soon be outdated, that is. You will be constantly working again to keep your blog or website up to date.

    So it’s best to pick out “evergreen” niches where you start your business.

    e.g. Flesh knockers to knock a schnitzel flat people used 50 years ago and is still a product that sells regularly. Note this in your niche selection!

  • You have a seasonal theme

    Again, there is nothing wrong with it, because it can work very well to choose a seasonal niche.

    What do I mean by that?

    Well, if you are Build a blog guide on which you can test the best paddling pools for the garden and apply via affiliate, then your site will generate good sales in the summer months, but in winter there will be virtually nothing left.

    From experience, I can tell you that in a new business, a lot of work has to be put into it, until everything is going really well.

    Do you really want to invest so much in what you already know from the beginning that you will not make any money for half the year !?

    Well, build a cash cow that spins coal all year round, and then it’s really fun if you do not always have such big burglaries and you’re not generating any revenue at short notice.

  • You can advertise products that do not bring enough commission!

    Another serious mistake of beginners is to look for products on, for example, Amazon out to advertise, which bring too little commission on a sale.

    So in my early days I had met someone who had built a niche page about toothpicks; D.

    As you can imagine the commission has not been very high, if you get a 5 Euro product maybe 7% compensation.

    To live from such a blog or niche website, you’ll need tons of visitors who storm your website every day and buy tons of toothpicks. ????

    In the graph below you can see how much you get paid in percentage terms in each niche. So think well, if you prefer 1% for e.g. TV or rather 10% commission for example. Jewelry etc. get.

Amazon advertising fee commissions
Amazon advertising fee commissions
  • You can mediate products that have a high cancellation rate

    A conceivable bad example are e.g. Clothes.

    Although there is a lot of clothing ordered online, but there are also many returns, which in turn will have a negative impact on your brokerage fee.

  • You can promote products that people DO NOT buy online

    Now you may argue that people now buy everything online.

    Yes, you are partly right.

    However, there are certain products that people prefer to buy in the real shop.

    This has several reasons.

    If you make a blog about gummy bears as an example, you might like to get a lot of visitors, but the majority of readers will simply throw gummi bears into the car at the next checkout.

    It is simply easier to buy these types of products in the business, and also the shipping costs, which you would unnecessarily have to pay with Gummibärchen on Amazon.

    So put yourself exactly in the target audience and ask yourself if the type of products you want to promote are actually mostly bought or ordered online over the internet.


So my friend, that was my contribution to 100+ Trending & famous niche ideas, with which you can actually earn money!

As you can see, there is a lot more to consider when choosing the right niche.

Especially as a beginner, it is very difficult without a guide or a mentor to hit the bull’s eye and do everything right.

Especially with regard to the competition analysis, it is very difficult for beginners to make the right decisions.

I hope you have been able to take some of this post and I look forward to seeing you again for the next article.

Until then, I wish you much success in the implementation.

See you.


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